Blind review: a slow and unconvincing remake that’ll leave you with nothing but a question mark

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Blind review

In our Blind review we talk about how the film felt weirdly dark instead of thrilling and failed to stand out in any aspect at all!

Blind review: This film is the remake of a Korean movie of the same name which first had its Tamil remake in India called Netrikan (2021). The Hindi version of it looks more clean and sophisticated in terms of its production which takes away from the essence of the story a bit. The movie revolves around a police officer Gia (Sonam Kapoor) who has to drag her brother out of a club one night and take him back home because he has an exam the next day. But on the way, they meet with a horrible accident in which she loses her eyesight and her brother forever. Cut to present day, she is not only living with the guilt of it but also is trying to get her job back in the force which she is denied due to wrongfully using her right as an officer that night.

One day, while going back home, she sits in a taxi but what we know and she doesn’t is that it's not a taxi, it's in fact a serial killer’s car that she is sitting in but luckily due to her really good instincts and an alert mind, she manages to get out of it. The next day when she reports her encounter to the police, they have their doubts believing a blind girl. But due to the number of missing women in the area, they take on the case anyway. She along with police investigator Prithvi (Vinay Pathak), another eyewitness Nikhil (Shubham Saraf), and Gia’s adorable guide dog Elsa get ready to take down this monster who is harassing the women of Glasgow. 

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Purab Kohli plays the creepy looking predator who gets pleasure out of kidnapping, hitting and tying women up in his basement because of an extremely traumatic childhood, which for some reason the makers never get into. It is kept aside for us to assume. A blind girl, a naive young boy and a middle aged Indian man have become the biggest obstacle in his plan. So it's an array of threats that both the parties give each other. 

 Vinay Pathak’s humor adds charm in this screenplay that rarely gives any feeling. Elsa, Gia’s dog, is another highlight of the film. She doesn’t have much to do but nevertheless is such a trooper till the very end. Nikhil’s character serves as a replacement for the brother that Gia loses but Sonam Kapoor as the blind Gia doesn’t feel convincing enough which is why I rarely felt connected or bad for her in scenes where she is at a disadvantage for having a disability like that. 

There is an overall gloomy and dull tone which makes you wonder when the movie will come to an end. Being a thriller, more than keeping you on the edge of your seat, it makes you eerie with the way it treats the story. It tries to be both, a horror and thriller at the same time but succeeds at being neither. If you have not watched the Korean film or the Tamil remake, maybe this can be a film that you might like as the concept would be new for you. But for people like me, who have watched the original Korean movie, it definitely does not even feel close to the original one.

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