Indian Creator and Food blogger, Madhura of Madhura’s Recipe sheds light on her journey to becoming a household name and turning into an entrepreneur.

One of India’s most beloved food stars, Madhura is known for her Marathi cooking videos and her simple, invaluable cooking tips. Passionate about food, she started making videos of her recipes and posting them on Facebook. Her FB presence is massively powered by a Group – which she uses regularly to connect with Fans, swap recipes, and even plan meetups in cities she travels to. Following her passion, Madhura has now turned into an entrepreneur and has a line of spices of her own.

We recently spoke to the Creator about her journey so far, her love for food, and more. Keep reading to see what Madhura had to share:

What made you start creating content? And when did you start creating content?

“My journey started as a food blogger back in 2009. While browsing over the internet I realised there wasn’t a single recipe for Marathi Cuisine. Around that time, I used to write blogs around Marathi Cuisine. So keeping a vision of putting up traditional, forgotten Marathi recipes I started off with MadhurasRecipe. Social media being a global platform with vast reach, I leveraged it to create awareness around the same. I started off with Facebook in 2010. At that time Facebook was the only social media platform that one could use to share their food blogs and food-related content, and share their creativity to garner a large scale interest.”

As a female Creator, have you ever faced any discrimination in your journey so far?

“Digital media is an open platform with no scope for discrimination. Viewers shower so much love and blessing. Perk of being a Food creator. :)”

What inspires you to keep taking your content a notch higher?

“If content is the king, consistency is the kong. I find traditional cuisine very fascinating. Reading, researching, digging into the history behind how the recipe gets evolved is an amazing process. I totally enjoy it.”

You’re a Creator and an Entrepreneur. If not this then what would you be doing?

“If I wasn’t a Creator, I would definitely have been into some sort of business related to food.”

How has Facebook as a platform helped you reach where you are today?

“I started off in 2009, and  Facebook was the only social media platform available to build a community and to boost content related to recipes at the time. It’s not just a community, I have a Facebook group which is a wonderful feature and helps build a community within the community.  Facebook has been a great platform for Creators like me to build our brand for free .”

Any message/tips for upcoming female bloggers and influencers?

Have your vision ready, create a roadmap where you want to see yourself after a year or so. And most importantly initiate the first step. It takes you a long way.

This Women’s Day, what is the one thing you wish would change for women in the coming year?

 Honestly, just that if people start looking towards us as a Human and not a Woman. That’s it and that’s all. :)”

Here’s to Madhura and many other incredible content creators who have been doing a fabulous job of keeping us engaged and helping us learn new things over the years!

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