For everyone waiting to decide on what they should wear on the seventh day, we made a list of blue outfits donned by creators.

It’s only Wednesday and we can’t wait until we can log out of work for a long weekend! The best part of getting to celebrate a festival while you’re working is that work seems less boring because of the excitement we’re filled with. And as we dance our way to the end of the nine days, we realised that the only blues we need in our lives right now is the ‘blue’ that we have to wear on Day 7 of Navratri. It’s another day and another reason to dig through our closet to find an outfit that makes for the perfect outfit today. Blue is calm and classy at the same time. It makes us feel happy and excited. And when we’re going to be showing off our killer moves on the dance floor, we need a blue outfit that will bring out the best in us. And who better to look for inspiration than our own creators who have over time shared their own best blue outfits that became our favourites?

Check them out!

Sunny Chopra

Amulya Rattan

Aryanshi Sharma

Aashna Bhagwani

Varun Agrawal

Unnati Malharkar

Cherry Jain

Anam Darbar

Agasthya Shah

Which is your favourite look so far? Let us know.

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