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Bob Marley quotes

One of the most influential, revered, loved and followed personalities in the modern era, Bob Marley is also one of the greatest musicians and philosophers this world has ever known. On what could have been his 73rd birthday, let us reinvigorate our minds with some Bob Marley quotes.

Tragically passing away at the age of 36, succumbing to lymphoma, Bob Marley quotes include one of his most famous and last words to his son, “Money can’t buy life.” The profound magnitude and effect of his belief, his way of life and his preaching of world peace can be felt all over the world.

An international icon, Bob Marley continues to the poster boy of Rastafarianism all over the world with his likeness being used to signify the Rasta movement. He bestowed some of the most impactful and overwhelming pieces of advice that continue to make sense today.

Check out the best Bob Marley quotes and honour the memory of a legend who inspires us.

Happy Birthday Bob Marley. Gone too soon but never forgotten.

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