While most of the content available promotes a certain false standard of beauty, these body-positive movies and shows promote body positivity and we’re here for it!

Body diversity in movies and web shows have a long way to go in India and elsewhere. The age-old myopic portrayal of body image has given the rise to expectations and roles that characters are expected to perform. However, some body-positive movies and shows are helping break this cycle of expectations and spread the acceptance of all body types.

Body-shaming is a much bigger and global problem. Criticizing appearance using words like ‘skinny’, ‘fat’, ‘bald’, ‘short’, ‘too tall’, ‘not curvy’, judging expressions of sexuality and defining beauty standards are all forms of body-shaming need to be addressed and condemned. Reversing decades of conditioning isn’t easy which is why a medium that been influential is creating a lot of the problem, needs to be used to fix it. Yes, we’re talking about cinema and visual content.

Many people idealize the body images that are portrayed by media, therefore it is pertinent that audiences all over are exposed to real bodies via the same. While it’s a long fight,  these movies and shows actually adhered to the body positivity, weaving a more comprehensive narrative of the issue.

These movie and shows give out a body-positive message in their own special ways:

Dum Lagake Haisha

Tall Girl


Patti Cakes

Fanney Khan

Isn’t it romantic


Kung fu panda

The Mindy project

Orange Is the New Black

My mad fat diary

This Is Us

Sex education

Never have I ever

I am not okay with this


Not all the movies and shows were great hits but they’ve managed to highlight the issue of body-shaming and promote bod-positivity. How many have you watched yet?

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