The 10 Most Overused Selfie Poses by Bollywood Celebs

Aaliya Khan
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The 10 Most Overused Selfie Poses by Bollywood Celebs

This is the season of selfies, and nothing can keep our Bollywood celebs from taking their selfies and sharing with their fans. So how do they go about clicking their selfies? Here's a look:

Pouty Selfies

Also called the duckface, Pouty selfies are everyone’s favourite



Selfie with my co-star

Posting selfies with their co stars is a trend for promoting their movies



One with my director

Including directors in a selfie, more publicity for their upcoming movie


I voted!

With the elections being the most talked about topic on all social platforms this summer, these stars couldn’t help but show that they made their vote count.


Me and my pet

And we have Alia Bhatt who loves pets.



With friends

Can’t stop taking selfies at events with friends



With my spouse

The new growing trend post the IIFA awards is actors posting selfies with their better halves


Selfies with fans

Boollywood craze can be seen around the globe and now fans no more need someone to click a picture with their favourite celebrity. All you have to do is click a Selfie!


Because I love myself

Celebs who can’t help loving themselves so much that you can see it in their selfie.


I am sexy and I know it!

With the glamour quotient at its best, stars pose for selfies with their shades on.

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