Someone replaced 'Dil' with 'Dick' in Bollywood songs and No Nut November is now much better!

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Someone replaced 'Dil' with 'Dick' in Bollywood songs and No Nut November is now much better!

There’s never a dull day on the internet; whether it is celebrity gossip, a new challenge, or another meme! And today our boredom was relieved by Instagram in the most inappropriate yet funniest meme!

Everyone’s aware that it is the famous No Shave November, but this time it is also No Nut November! I’m sure the latter is much more difficult to achieve than the former, lol! But don’t worry, Instagram’s @thesarcasticpage is here to make it a tad bit easier for you (hopefully!).

Someone came up with the idea of replacing the word ‘Dil’ in Bollywood songs with ‘Dick’ and it was hilarious!

I have to admit, I have never laughed so hard while going through a comments section! Check it out:

1. No Nut November is surely taking its toll!

publive-image2. #TeamArticle377 for life.

publive-image3. Um, I don’t think that’s possible and if it was –GROSS!

publive-image4. Okay. Firstly, no guy’s ever gonna accept that. Secondly, no one has “choti si aasha”, lol!

publive-image5. Guys on the outside: Our emotional connect means everything to me. Guys on the inside:

publive-image6. I think you’ll be dead the second you give your D in the literal sense!

publive-image7. OHO!

publive-image8. Me: *cool, calm, and collected in public* Also me: Dammit a woman has needs!

publive-image9. Practice willpower?

publive-image10. So yeah...

publive-image11. Barbadi ki taraf muh moda XD

publive-image12. Boys of 15 at literally every girl.

publive-image13. Not much probably XD

publive-image14. Ron: He needs to sort out his priorities.

publive-image15. Mohabbat ho gyi hai tumse?


Well, you know what they say – Where there’s a dil, there’s a dick! Lol, too much?

Tell us your funny versions in the comments sections!

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