Bollywood comes out in support of Tanushree Dutta

Saloni Surti
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Tanushree Dutta

Bollywood stalwarts speak in the much-needed support of Tanushree Dutta as she shares her experience of harassment by Nana Patekar.

Here’s a question where I need you all to give an honest to God answer – how many of you questioned Tanushree Dutta’s intentions when she came out with her story of experience with Nana Patekar? Men and women alike, wasn’t the first default thought for most of us, was ‘this is a cry for attention’?

Call it patriarchy or apathy towards survivors, its in-grilled in us to question a woman’s intentions, honesty, and even timing. Why, now? Why did she take 10 years to share this? Well, it takes courage, lots and lots of courage to admit it even to yourself, let alone to others!

After much speculation, Janice Sequeira, a former entertainment reporter came out backing Tanushree’s story and sharing how she witnessed it all unfold back then.

Nana Patekar too broke his silence and said, "What does she mean by sexual harassment? We were on the set and there were 200 people sitting in front of us.”

Janice urged everyone to listen to the survivor, understand their plight rather than question her intentions and her timing. Following her Twitter threat, a number of Bollywood celebrities openly backed Tanushree Dutta and lauded her courage.

As heart-warming as it is to see the stars speak up, it makes one wonder, would it have been the same if these allegations were about a person still very much active and had still had a steel hold over the industry? I chose to believe everyone still would! I hope they do.

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