If Bollywood villains were on Woo Question Cast

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If Bollywood villains were on Woo Question Cast
May be, villains were actually ‘villains’ because they weren’t presented the opportunity to land the ladies. Think about it – would Gabbar be so obsessed with Thakur, had he been face-timing with the love of his life, who he met on a social dating app?

While I have serious doubts about Mogambo always being khush for he had a secret access to social dating, Bad Man and Shakaal clearly got stuck in the wrong loops.

Only if there was going back in time, I would have suggested them to create a Facebook account or download Woo. For now, let’s just try and visualise how our beloved Bollywood villains would enjoy Woo’s Question Cast.

The artist!


Talk about likeminded people!

The reader!


Saara sheher muje Loin k name se jaantahai! #MonaDarling

The sports enthusiast!


The intelligent one!


Ye Teja Teja kya hai, ye Teja Teja!

The positive one!


Hail Mogambo!

The philosophical one!



While these villains missed their chance, you still have yours. Try the Question Cast! It’s a great way to sift out the right people. You might come across some quirky answers, but there’s always someone likeminded out there! Find the one you’ll love talking to. Download Woo from the Google Playstore or the App Store.

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