20 years later, we still can't get over these moments from Kal Ho Naa Ho

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Kal Ho Naa Ho

Kal Ho Naa Ho

It has been 20 years since Aman entered into our lives, helped Naina learn how to smile and taught Rohit how to truly love, in turn making us all fall in love with Kal Ho Naa Ho!

A lot of films made Shah Rukh Khan the superstar that he is today and Kal Ho Naa Ho is one of them because Aman wasn't just an angel sent to Naina, Rohit, and their families; he played that role for us all because he taught us to live every moment as it was our last. It has been 20 years since this film was released and yet there is just so much of it that still lives within us. It's just as heartbreaking to watch Aman die in the end today as it was then and it's always going to be funny to watch the chemistry between SRK and Saif Ali Khan regardless of how long it's been! 

Apart from the lesson of living your life to the fullest, the film also taught us to get back up with a new attitude by showing us these - Jenny rebranding her restaurant, Naina not being afraid to admit that she might be in love with Aman, or Aman, who even in the face of death, has the most hopeful attitude towards life and its blessings. The film in its most cliche format of Bollywood aka a love triangle, was a teaching moment for so many of us. Maybe that's why it will always stay in our hearts forever just like Aman does!

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Here are some instances that are etched in our minds and hearts forever!

Pretty Woman s the perfect ode to all women as well as Naina. No wonder Chaleya from Jawan reminded everyone of this song! 

When Aman teaches Naina how to smile despite all the troubles! "Haso jeeyo muskuraoo; kya pata kal ho na ho…” 

There is no match for Rohit and Aman's bromance! They were our very own Chandler and Joey! 

Every time Aman helps Jenny, Naina's mother and her family out as if it were his own. Forget about Naina, we'd all fall for him! 

Aman breaks Naina's heart by telling her a lie about his wife but can't confess his feelings to her either. It's a heartbreaking scene and all you want is to give Aman a hug! 

Aman helps Rohit get the love of Naina, with his "6 din ladki in" formula and Rohit finally confesses his love! After all, friendship is the first step to love, no?

Aman reads out of the blank diary confessing Rohit's love for Niana but just ends up confessing what he feels for her! This scene is still remade in a lot of content we watch today. 

The Kal Ho Naa Ho song! It's not just a song but an emotion, a painful rendition of Aman's aching heart. It is a perfect ode to who Aman is!

When Aman's illness is revealed to Rohit and Naina! As Aman begs Rohit and Naina to face and accept reality, Rohit points out the fact that while they can let him go, how will they let go of his memories?

The final farewell to Aman is as heartbreaking for the audience to watch as it is for everyone in the film!

Which instance from Kal Ho Naa Ho is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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