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Not sure what to read this month? Bookstagrammar Om Kini recommends some interesting Indian reads of 2023!

Like every year, in 2023 too, our to-be-read pile kept increasing while we struggled to read books. Work, chores, procrastination, and a lot of things came in the way. You know how you can have a closet full of clothes and still struggle to decide what to wear? Similarly, there is a plethora of books, how do we choose what to read? If this is also your predicament, avid reader and bookstagrammar, Om Kini is here to help. 

As the year is about to end, Om suggests some books of 2023 that impressed him the most!

Mad Sisters of Esi - Tashan Mehta  
Mad Sisters of Esi is based on the existence of the Whale of Babel, and the two sisters living inside it. They know no more than us about their existence or the whale. Through the two sisters, we enter a wide vivid cobweb of time and reality, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. The cover is as gorgeous as the writing, you can't help but admire both.
Savage Beasts - Rani Selvarajah 
This book retells the myth of Medea against the backdrop of 18th-century India under the rule of the East India Company. Savage Beasts features a strong female protagonist divined with the ability to do what is must. Written with utmost attention to detail, it makes one of the best reads of 2023. 
Anandibai Joshee: A Life in Poems - Shikha Malaviya  
The book looks at Anandibai Joshee's quest for knowledge, and her commitment to helping Indians which ultimately led to her becoming the first female physician in India. We see Joshee's life written with delicate pen strokes through verses and poems. Be assured that this book will keep you hooked at all times.
A Second Chance - Subhashini Prasad   
A Second Chance looks at romance from a mature perspective. It is the story of a romance blooming between two old people, who started as enemies but couldn't help falling madly in love with each other. Who doesn't love an enemies-to-lovers trope, huh?
Cockatoo - Yashraj Goswami 
These are 14 individual queer stories in their own sense, but they are connected too. Cockatoo sheds light on the Indian queer community and narrates the life of many queer individuals who are living the same stories but in different ways. Fun fact: Cockatoo feels even better when you reread it! 
Have you read any of these books yet?

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