Embracing the new forms of storytelling, Boundless Media launches two series- Objectified and Unseen which are created during and based on the lockdown era.

Mainstream entertainment has taken a hit during the lockdown, due to both shoots and theatres shutting down. On the other hand, there is a dire need for new forms of storytelling, as audiences are hungry to be entertained at home. Creating disruptive content and turning this challenge into an opportunity, Boundless Media has come up with two new exceptional mini-series – Objectified and Unseen.

While Objectified is a mixed media animation series that hilariously brings household objects to life, Unseen is a darker, riveting series of 4 ordinary people in an extraordinary situation, that explores mental health, grief and anxiety. Each of these series has been conceptualized and produced during the lockdown and is an extraordinary mirror of the current period.

What do you do when you can’t shoot with actors? Simple – you use objects as in lead roles. A hilarious tale of inanimate objects, ‘Objectified’ is a mixed-media series where household objects- a lighter, a sanitizer, shoes, a set of books and even a microwave oven- explore productivity, burn out, and what the ‘new normal’ means through relatable conversations.

If the premise of a married toaster and microwave squabbling over who’s contributing more in the house sounds fun, then this is a must-watch for viewers. You’re sure to connect with these snappy, sassy and intuitive characters indulging in insightful banter.

Commenting on the launch of the series, Natasha Malpani Oswal, Founder and Creative Producer at Boundless Media said “At Boundless Media, we tell genre-bending, contemporary stories for a new India. We think this is a great time to experiment with formats and genres. Audiences are hungry for smart, original content, and are increasingly global in their taste. We’re very excited about both our timely, genre-bending lockdown series- and have quite a few innovative projects in the pipeline. We work across long-form and short form-formats, but we always put the story first.”

On a completely different note, the second series- ‘Unseen’ explores the darker side of the lockdown. Unseen revolves around four people and their unique circumstances during the pandemic, because no lockdown is the same. The series has been scripted, cast, directed and edited entirely via Zoom. Shot in Kanpur, Manali, Bhopal and Mumbai in lockdown, the series covers stories on mental health, anxiety, grief and privilege.

No topic is taboo here: women’s reproductive health and rights in lockdown, mourning loved ones, and the migrant crisis are covered. This timely and authentic series which features the stories you never tell will connect deeply with viewers, who will certainly find themselves relating to the character’s circumstances and emotions. The Boundless Media team has worked with the actors – including Akashdeep Arora, Kokila Beri, Aditya Pandey and Tannya Lokwani– to rehearse and shoot in their homes, and directed the episodes online.

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