Some Twitter users are demanding #BoycottSamsung and once again the reason is royally stupid!

Mrinil Mathur
New Update

Angry Twitter bots attacked Priyanka Chopra and Samsung Inc. with #BoycottSamsung after a Twitter user, Bhaiyyaji instigated the movement by posting an alleged scene from American TV show Quantico showing the killer wearing a Rudraksha Mala.

Extremist accounts came up with yet another trending hashtag to exhibit their sentiments and antagonize Priyanka Chopra and Samsung Inc. It all started when a twitterati called Bhaiyyaji posted a tweet from his handle.

After tweeting the alleged still from the episode, he urged people to come together and  boycott the Samsung products.

This was soon followed by Twitter users taking digs at either the mobile company or the actress.

Hilarious, unbelievable, ridiculous, disgusting, shocking... isn't it? Wait, there's more. They did not just stop at cursing Priyanka Chopra and Samsung, they maligned Twitter India too.

Well, we don't know whether this is going to be a rage soon or just laughed off at but one thing is for sure, the Twitter army can go to any extent of stupidity.

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