#BoyfriendsOfinstagram - Our heart reaches out to you!

Mohammad Kanchwala
Feb 20, 2017 13:01 IST
#BoyfriendsOfinstagram - Our heart reaches out to you!
Pictures on Instagram are sometimes so beautifully captured, but have you ever stopped to wonder what may have been going on that was not captured by the lens? Well, the #BoyfriendsOfInstagram do.

Its them, kneeling, lying down, standing in precarious locations, practicing Yoga with a camera and requiring the skills of a photographer and the flexibility of an acrobat to give their girlfriend that one Instagram worthy picture. #BoyfriendsOfInstagram recognizes the efforts of our brothers’ endless perseverance to not let it go unappreciated. It also pokes a bit of fun at them, and deservedly so.

Here are some of the funniest #BoyfriendsOfInstagram pictures and videos in their natural habitat doing their best for the one they love!

1. Michael Jackson would be proud of that lean!

2. Here is a #BoyfriendsOfInstagram who has gone on to the next level, #HusbandsOfInstagram

3. Skill. Concentration. Practice.

4. “Make it look like Baywatch baby!”

5. Just one question. Why an upside down picture?

6. “So what if the sun is in your eyes!?”

7. Dear Lord, not even Kanye could escape this!

You ain't got the angles Ye... #boyfriendsofinstagram #kimye

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8. God help him if he did not click those in the first attempt.

9. Let’s do the pose where it looks like I’m placing my finger on top of the building! That’s never been done before.

Let's do the one where we pretend the building is small and I catch it with my arms! ??? #boyfriendsofinstagram

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10. What is this, Photoception?

Absolute legends. #? #boyfriendsofinstagram #paparazzi #lifeimitatesart

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11. *teehee* “Make it look like we are having fun okay?"

#couples #goals #boyfriendsofinstagram #relationshipgoals

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12. I can’t even…..

13. “Can I please just take a nap after this?”

14. Oh wow! This guy is in the zone………


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15. “Make sure the lighting is good.”

@kathsanga : Make sure the lighting is good.. Me: I'm trying! #boyfriendsofinstagram

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If this didn't make you laugh, nothing will my friend! Did you ever have a #BoyfriendsOnInstagram moment, share it with us on @Social_Samosa.

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