Brahmastra dialogues were a real pain in the ass and felt like watching a Marvel film dubbed in Hindi! So we thought of converting them into English to check if they made sense.

Now the unanimous votes in the review of Brahmastra where critics and audience both are aligning together is this – the dialogues in the film are shitty. They’ve already sparked a meme fest on social media, especially regarding Alia Bhatt’s character Isha. But Brahmastra dialogues, aka a dumbed-down version of explaining the astraverse to us, was a failed attempt that you can’t help but notice. They precisely sound like almost all Hollywood films when dubbed into Hindi.

This was noticed by a lot of people around and drives you to wonder whether Hussain Dalal, who wrote the dialogues in the movie, wrote them in English first and then converted them into Hindi. We don’t know whether that’s the case or not but we still went ahead and converted some of these Hindi dialogues to English for you to check if they make sense!

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Check them out!

Kon ho tum? Kya ho tum? – Who are you? What are you?
Tumhein kya ho raha hai, Shiva? Ye kya ho raha hai, Shiva? – What is happening to you, Shiva? What’s happening, Shiva?”

“Hamara sirf ek maksad – BrahmastraThere’s only one mission for us- Brahmastra”
“Guru kahan, Ashram kahan, scientist dekhao” – Where is the guru, where’s the ashram, show me the scientist!

Gol gol pizza jaisa” – “It’s round like a pizza!”

“Main aag se jalta nahi ..kuch rishta hai mera aag se.. Aag muje jalati nahi” – “I have a strange equation with fire, I don’t get burnt!”

“Tumhe apne power on karne ke liye apne aap ko on karna padega” – “To activate your powers, you need to find yourself first, Shiva.

Meri powers ka ek button hai, wo abhi off hai, usse on sirf sacha pyaar kar sakta hai aur vo button hai Isha. Isha mera button hai.” – “My powers are activated by a trigger, and they work only when I’m surrounded by true love, and for me, that’s Isha; she’s the trigger.”

“Roshni ek light hai..Light wo roshni hai jo sabke andheron se badi”- “A beam of rays is that light, and that’s bigger than the darkness inside each of us.”

“Brahmansh ki raksha mera kartavya” – “Protecting the Brahmansh is my only duty.”

“Tum kaun? Shikari, tu cheetah, tu haathi, tu gainda, mai bandar” – Who are you? A hunter, a leopard, an elephant, or a rhino, that makes me a monkey!”

“Tum Brahmansh ke member ban jao, main tumhe DJ se dragon bana dunga” – Join the Brahmansh, and I’ll help you become who you were meant to be, a dragon”

What do you think was the effect any better or it was worse than the original? Do tell us your comments or your version of the dialogues in the comments below!

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