People recovering from COVID-19 may suffer severe brain impacts that can last for months in certain cases, UK-based study reveals.

A new study related to the Coronavirus or COVID-19, conducted on 84,285 people, revealed that the human brain may suffer significantly as the virus is likely linked to mental decline.

A team of researchers, led by Dr. Adam Hampshire at Imperial College London completed this study named – The Great British Intelligence Test. The study, which was non-peer-reviewed, found that the cases that can be termed ‘severe’ while infected, the link to substantial cognitive deficits.

Cognitive deficits, also known as intellectual disability, are a condition beginning in childhood where people show significant limitations in their ability to learn and function. In this case study, people who had recovered may have cognitive deficits i.e., a mental decline which will be equivalent to brain aging by 10 years. This also states for the individuals who are in between the 20 to 70 age group.

This UK-based study also reported about ‘brain fog’ among many people – who have recovered from the virus months ago, suggesting this as a sign of more cognitive deficits.

However, the findings of Hampshire’s team may or may not be true as it is yet to reviewed by experts.

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