These 7 myths surrounding cats prove that they're purr-fect friends

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Most of us only have that soft corner for dogs but we're busting some myths about cats that usually keeps you from adopting one!

Even though cats are one of the most lovable animals in the world, there are still apprehensions that people have about adopting one maybe because they look mean and unapproachable. Like any other animal, cats are complex creatures and there is more to them than meets the eye. There are so many myths surrounding cats that it's hard to believe that cats can be just as innocent and friendly as dogs.

Ranging from superstitions about their supposed luckiness to stories of them playing fiddles, hanging out in cradles, sailing the sea with owls in pea-green boats. They pop up in many religions as well. There is a common notion that if a black cat crosses your path then you're guaranteed to have a bad day. Is this really true? Can it really happen? How can a cat determine what your day is going to be like? But, when an authoritative figure says these things, we're caught in a spot, right? This list of myths will answer all your questions about cats and age-old beliefs about them!

Check them out!

Cats are aloof


Ask a cat owner and they'll tell you that cats do return their affection. How? They'll cuddle and purr while being petted. Although, cats are more independent in nature than a dog, that often makes people think that they're aloof. Dogs require more attention than cats but cats are capable of finding their own food but dogs require a bit of attention and are also high maintenance compared to cats.

Black cats are bad luck


There's a common superstition that black cats are bad luck! And if they happen to cross your path, you might not have a good day! It's also considered inauspicious for a black cat to look at us, apparently. They might look scary and mysterious but are certainly not bad luck. Did you know that this particular myth came into being because there is a belief that witches used to own black cats?

Cats are nocturnal animals


There is a common myth that cats are likely to prowl after the dark and nap most of the day. Let's bust this myth, they're not bats or owls. Although, some cats do display higher amounts of activity during nighttime they're not nocturnal. Cats sleep during the day so that they can conserve their energy for hunting and play.

Cats have nine lives


This myth has a story behind its origin. Apparently, this myth originated from Egyptian gods and religions, where the sun god Atum-Ra, one of the Ennead would assume the form of a cat when visiting the underworld. For ages, cats have been considered magical. Well, they don't have nine lives. But, these kinds of myths and beliefs do continue to amaze us.

Cats purr only when they're happy


Kittens make a purring sound. They can purr by the time they're 48 hours old. While running, both cats and kittens can be heard purring and this is often during times of contentment. Cats, also purr when they are in pain or dying.

Cats hate water


While most cats hate having a bath just like dogs, they're pretty fascinated with running water and spend time at dripping faucets or demand that their owner turns on the water for a fresh, cool drink. Kittens, in particular find sinks and showers a source of amusement, although for most the thrill lessens with age.

It's always best for cats to live outdoors


Some people believe that cats, even the ones who are pets are supposed to live outside the house. But, it depends on the cat as to where it's comfortable sitting. Though, they tend to live a much shorter life if they are kept outdoors. Given that the average lifespan of a cat is usually 14 years.

Has this helped you become a little cat-friendly? Tell us your apprehensions in the comments below.

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