Check out these Bruno Mars songs that make for a perfect love life playlist IRL.

It is easier to speak through music than with words. Songs are nothing but things we feel that can’t be expressed with words. There are many amazing artists who create music that is close to our hearts and Peter Gene Hernandez aka Bruno Mars who is one of them.

Bruno Mars is an American singer and music producer who is known for his wide range of music styles. Apart from being a great singer, he is also a performer who easily manages to get the audience grooving. His music includes pop, R&B, funk, soul, reggae, hip hop, and rock. His music is so relatable and that they fit perfectly in our life. We have made a list of Bruno Mars songs that fit perfectly with our love life.

Check out these Bruno Mars songs:

When you confess your love: Just the way you are

Celebrating your Our First Time

When you think they are the one: Marry You

You don’t go far and break-up, but you can’t let them go: Grenade

When you are going through the phase: The Lazy Song

Your friends being there post your break-up: You can count on me

When your friends try to cheer you up: Uptown Funk

More partying: 24k Magic

When the alcohol hits you and you miss your EX: Too Good to Say Goodbye

When your Ex is married: When I Was Your Man

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