BTS extend their reign globally by becoming brand ambassadors of luxury fashion brands and of course we’re all for it!

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From Dior to Louis Vuitton, fashion brands have grabbed every opportunity to seal BTS members as their brand ambassadors and here’s a timeline of how everything happened and which member is now representing which brand!

Ever since their debut in 2013, BTS has not only expressed themselves through their music but also through their fashion. They have often been termed as pioneers for breaking stereotypes about how a ‘man’ is supposed to dress. Rather they are so comfortable in their own skin, in their masculinity that they have normalised jewellery, skirts, make up and hair colour for men and! They have always pulled it off so well that not once did it feel forced. They were born to adorn these pieces from the very beginning and becoming brand ambassadors was written in the cards for them. Don’t get me wrong! It was not that they were always wearing the most expensive clothes out there. They have gone from wearing first copy Versace clothes for their very first show to now Donatella Versace herself walking up to them for a picture. They truly have come a long way!

It’s not surprising that fashion brands want them to be their ambassadors though. It’s not just because of their fame and the fact that no matter what they do, it’s always trending on social media, the members of the K-Pop group have always shown keen interest in fashion. They have always been ready to explore the brand’s vision and try something new.

Be it wearing bright and colourful mesh shirts at their concerts to all dapper in a black suit at the White House, they definitely can do both! Of course a lot this credit goes to their stylists but their love for fashion even as individuals was never a secret. Something as basic as an airport look or even what they wear at home during their live sessions has always gotten sold out by armys later on so it's totally understandable when brands come to them for collaborations so they too can experience the BTS impact.

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Let’s have a look at their fashion takeovers one by one!

Celine boy V!

Taehyung has pretty much manifested this for a long time. He has always wanted to attend a Celine fashion show wearing their clothes, little did he know he would be the face of the brand one day. Last year, he was announced as the ambassador of Celine and he attended Hedi Slimane’s Summer 2023 menswear show and his outfit, his presence there became viral all over social media. He looked stunning in a bright red jacket, with turtle neck black sequin t-shirt inside along with a diamond necklace which was the highlight of the event.

Maison Valentino x Suga

At the beginning of this year, Suga was announced as the brand ambassador for Maison Valentino. This is probably the first time we’ve seen him be so vocal about a fashion brand and see a whole new side of him when it comes to outfits. It's unique in its own way while also reinventing daily men's wear. The brand announced the news through a video on social media in which we see Suga in various different outfits. From classic pink Valentino jackets along with white shorts to wearing all white shirts and pants with slicked back hair, the collection has bright colours without overpowering his personality but still makes a mark on your mind. Suga seems like the perfect ambassador for this as he is an introvert who loves dressing well, but still doesn’t want to be the centre of attention and the collection is just that!

The timeless spirit of Dior and the moment for Tiffany and Co: Jimin

Dior has had a long relationship with BTS ever since their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself world tour in 2019. They now extended their relationship by announcing Jimin as the brand ambassador for their brand. They announced their partnership with Jimin via social media and wrote in their caption that he exemplifies the timeless spirit and singularity of Dior. He was seen at the Paris Fashion Week in January along with his fellow BTS member J-hope. Jimin graced the event in a gray blazer and trouser along with a brown turtleneck and gray boots. 

In these 10 years, there’s rarely been a moment where we’ve seen Jimin without any jewelry on him. From earrings, rings to necklaces, he always knows how to accessorize. Which is why Tiffany and Co also appointing him as their new ambassador recently does not really come as a surprise. The jewelry brand holds such an iconic significance for so many people around the world, from Audrey Hepburn to Gal Gadot, the brand has had such prolific ambassadors in the past and Jimin just adds to that legacy.

J-Hope’s new chapter with Louis Vuitton

BTS has previously been ambassadors for Louis Vuitton collectively as a group back in 2021 and 2022. They have even featured in a short video together showcasing Men’s Fall-Winter Collection by the late Virgil Abloh. After BTS announced their second chapter, it was time for Louis Vuitton to also start a new chapter with J-hope individually. The brand said that the singer songwriter will be joining them as their new house ambassador and they look forward to him bringing his unique charm and style to the brand. We have already seen J hope serve tons of Louis Vuitton looks even before he was associated with them and he is the one most into fashion out of all 7 of them. He owns fashion carpets like he was born to do that since day 1. Fashion has truly always been his comfort zone.

Jungkook dominates the social media and fashion world with Calvin Klein

A fun moment at the concert last year where a fan held a poster saying she wanted to ‘focus on Jungkook’s abs’ which led to him actually pulling his t-shirt up. The moment of course went so viral because not only did people see his abs but his Calvins were also clearly visible in that impulsive moment. Calvin Klein and Jungkook since then has been a long term wish for literally everyone in the fandom. Things sparked even more when Calvin Klein's creative director started following him on Instagram. Both the brand and Jungkook were trending when the news wasn’t even officially announced. There were fan edits all over the place.

A month later, when Calvin Klein dropped a teaser of him being announced as their new global ambassador, it became their most liked post till date, even beating supermodel Kendall Jenner. Jungkook was in a Denim jacket and Denim jeans with of course no shirt inside and all his abs on display. The video was shot beautifully in black and white with close up shots of Jungkook running and dancing around. The fandom was bound to go crazy. He is their biggest campaign ever as fans from all over the world are not only visiting stores to click pictures with his Ad but also buy the same outfit as him. 

Bottega Veneta’s debonair ambassador RM

Bottega Veneta announced the leader of BTS, RM as their new ambassador with a picture on their Instagram. In the post, RM is seen wearing a blue leather shirt and a plain white t-shirt inside along with denims that compliment the ensemble. But the highlight of his outfit definitely was the Andiamo bag made by the luxury brand which made even a simple outfit like his stand out so well. RM made his debut as their ambassador recently when he attended their fashion show in Milan. 

BTS’ 7th member, Jin, who is currently serving in the military has not signed any deal with a luxury brand as of now but it wouldn’t be so unexpected if that does happen once he is back in 2024 and completes BTS’ takeover of the fashion industry. 

After each BTS member was announced as brand ambassadors of these brands, they have worn various looks of their respective fashion houses in their day to day schedules and even when they are traveling abroad. BTS and their fashion adventures are always trending all over the world so it would be exciting to see what their future with the brands have in store for us!

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