Love them or hate them but you can’t resist them, our Bangtan Boys with their impeccable gender norm fashion choices can and will make you weak in the knees.

If only I could wear all the outfits that I wanted to wear and slay my imaginary red carpet, I’d be a certified fashion influencer by now. Looking back, I always hated how society became a puddle in my fashion choices and now when I look at celebs and artists wearing whatever makes them happy and not care about society, it makes me so happy! The trend of wearing gender-neutral clothing has really taken off, and some celebrities like BTS are setting new records in this area. Fashion can be subjective and one style doesn’t fit all and that’s okay too!

When this band makes an appearance it trembles the fashion world. And tbh, when it comes to breaking gender norms there aren’t many bands that come to the forefront. Their highly conceptualized music videos and how they place fashion into that is just smooth like butter. Almost dominating the music industry, our Bangtan Boys have taken over fashion and it makes us rethink what men ‘should’ really wear.

These 7 pictures will prove that this band has always been the GOAT when it comes to fashion!

So what’s your favorite look from Bangtan Boys? Do these looks make you experiment with your wardrobe? Tell us in the comments below!

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