Bored of Zoom Meetings? Hire Buckwheat - the donkey to crash them

Smrithi Mohan
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People tend to spend a lot of time on Zoom these days. Thankfully, Buckwheat the donkey is crashing these work calls and helping us get through all the boredom.

Times have changed. With people doing work from home, they spend more time on Zoom calls that with their family. As these Zoom meetings have become the only way to stay connected with the workspace, they also become tedious and boring at times (more like most of the times). Sitting for hours, watching someone talk is something we have become less interested in. To drive away from this boredom, a sanctuary in Canada is letting Buckwheat, a donkey crash the Zoom meetings to make it fun.

As fascinating it may sound, it is true. The animal sanctuary is letting people have their share of fun while attending boring Zoom meetings with Buckwheat for a price. One can hire him and turn up the excitement in their work video calls.

Buckwheat belongs to the Farmhouse Garden Animal home. The sanctuary from Uxbridge relied on visitor donations and site visits for their income. But they saw a drastic fall in these earnings after the pandemic. This encouraged the animal home's management to find new ways to bring in money. With their own employees attending Zoom calls, they decided on letting their animals crash these calls to lighten up the mood and cheer people. By charging $55 for a 10-minute appearance by Buckwheat on Zoom the sanctuary has found its way during the crisis. The price can go up to $92 for double the time.

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