Take a look as we reminisce at how Indian international swimmer Bula Choudhury fought all odds to become the best in the sport she so loved and admired.

India is blessed with immense talent that is an unarguable fact. With a population of billions, there is an ocean of talents that put in their everything in making India proud at the global level. Bula Choudhury is one such amazing talent who made a mark for the country on the world map. Coming from a place that was never aware of what swimsuit even meant to breaking stereotypes, Bula got through a lot to become of the best Indian Swimmers in the world.

Former Indian swimmer, Bula Choudhury is an exceptional sportswoman of the country who’s dedication for the sport made her name in the same. She found her ‘fins’ at a very young age shockingly winning six gold medals at the national competition at the age of six dominating her group. It was her father who got her to learn swimming after he shared his own experience where his boat was sinking and someone else had to save him from drowning.

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She overcame a number of struggles and hurdles in her life to become an International Champion. Bula experienced a number of health-related struggles that were becoming an obstacle in her swimming career. From ear infection to an erratic heart rate that required her to get a pacemaker to her allergy of seawater, there was a lot that was forcing her from not continuing swimming. But Bula, braved every struggle and got back to what she loved every time she was faced with a hurdle.

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She became a national champion at the age of 9 with a number of unbeatable records in her name from thereon. At the age of 12, she took part in the Asian Games in Delhi marking her first International Championship. Her crossing the seven seas doesn’t come as a shock considering how determined she has always been. She is also the first Indian woman to have made the record.

Bula was honoured with the Arjuna Award, India’s highest sports honours in 1990 and later with a Padma Shri. She also holds the Tenzing Norgay Lifetime Adventure Sports Award.

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Her life sure is an example of how working hard towards our dreams will never leave you disappointed.