"Seeing good work is my inspiration", says actor-writer and content creator, Rrajesh Yadav

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Campus Diaries actor Rrajesh Yadav opens up on how his character Sandy will shape up in season 2 and his writing projects

Actor, writer and content creator, Rrajesh Yadav who was last seen in Campus Diaries season 1 spills the beans about how his role Sandy will shape up in season 2, his working experience and his other upcoming writing and acting projects.

Rrajesh shares, "My character Sandy will get more interesting in Campus Diaries season 2 because, in the last season, he won the election through foul play and the whole truth came out. So now in this season, he will be facing off with Harsh Beniwal's character. There will be a lot of politics, friendship and fun which you will get to see in season 2."

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Describing his working experience he says, "My working experience with all my co-actors was wonderful as I know them for a long time. I have worked with Harsh, Saloni and Ritvik before Campus Diaries. So the whole environment was so great and we all share an amazing rapport with each other. In this new season with a few more characters being introduced, I've made some new friends as well. So it's been a wonderful experience with both old and new friends."

Giving insights about his upcoming projects in writing and acting he says, "I'm writing a script for an ott platform. I love to write along with acting. With the advent of OTT, now I'm also focusing more on writing for OTT platforms. I'm very passionate about expressing thoughts through writing. Along with writing, next, I will be shooting a film in Chandigarh. It's a very interesting project but I can't reveal it until it's officially announced."

Speaking about how he balances acting, writing and content creation he tells, "Writing, acting and Content Creation - I love to don all three hats. All three of them are a game of observation and are very correlated to each other, hence I enjoy doing it as well as I'm able to balance among the three. I enjoy the process of each."

Talking about his inspiration he states, "Seeing good work is my inspiration. People doing great work give me the motivation to brace myself and do much better. Initially, when I started, I looked up to TVF and AIB as an inspiration in terms of content. Similarly, good films and shows inspire me to do better at my job and learn more."

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