Cancelled my Ola is Twitter's new favourite meme

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cancelled my Ola

The thing about happiness and a trending joke on Twitter is that they can be found in the unlikeliest of places. Now people are tweeting ‘I cancelled my Ola’ accompanied with some exceptionally hilarious made-up reasons for doing so!

It all began when an opportunistic communal lowlife with a verified Twitter account tweeted that he ‘cancelled his Ola cab because the driver was Muslim and he did not want to give money to Jihadis’. While some criticized this rather uncalled for move, some obviously applauded it while some people put their time and minds towards making up their own versions of ' cancelled my Ola because…’

While some Twitter users said ‘I cancelled my Ola’ because the driver’s name was Vikas and uske aane ki ummeed nahi thi’, some said they cancelled their Ola so that they could tweet about it. All in all, there were tons of ridiculously funny versions of this trend and each one was better than the other!

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Here are some of our favourite and the funniest Cancelled my Ola Tweets!

Twitter, Twitter, you never fail to disappoint!

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