11 Cappuccino and breakfast combos that are a must-try!

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Cappuccino and breakfast combos

A frothy concoction of dark, rich beans and creamy milk that awakens your senses every morning, in the middle of a stressful day and even at the end of a long and tiring day. A drink that gives you a kick in all the right ways and soothes your soul. Yes, we are talking about coffee and specifically Cappuccino as today is celebrated as Cappucino Day. So, to celebrate the day, here are 10 Cappuccino and breakfast combos that are a must-try!

An Italian coffee drink prepared with espresso, hot milk and steamed milk foam, cappuccino is one of the most popular and loved the coffee beverages. Among the entire list of types of coffees, Cappuccino usually tops the chart almost everywhere. We aren’t really awake till we have our first sip of coffee and that is when the day finally begins. But it's twice as good when it is paired with the perfect, scrumptious breakfast, isn't it? Our mornings are usually quite rushed so we just pick any breakfast option available with our coffee. But if you have the time, take yourself out and try these delicious Cappuccino and breakfast combos.

Every food combination exists for a reason and here are some classic Cappuccino and breakfast combos, which will start your day on the happiest note:

1.  Fruit Tarts: Berries like blueberries, strawberries, some fruits and tarts are great along with coffee.

2.    Brownies: Chocolate and coffee is a combination which has our heart. Give it a try!

3.    Biscotti: A classic almond biscotti remains the most popular option to pair with coffee. However, there are many other types like cherry biscotti available as well.

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4.    Cinnamon Buns: Often people love adding cinnamon flavours to their coffee. So cinnamon buns will be a treat for cinnamon lovers.

5.    Croissants: And this has to be the favourite one. Croissant is seen at several breakfast places and tastes amazing with coffee. Learning it from the French!

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6.    Doughnuts: Something savoury to satisfy your sweet tooth along with your Cappucino, Doughnuts are anyway a tempting breakfast option.

7.    Oatmeal: If you’re on a fitness spree, oatmeal shall work best with coffee.

8.    Toast: If you prefer a light breakfast, toast with coffee is an ideal combination.

9.    Omelette: Omelette and Coffee, two most loved breakfast options. Enough said!

10.  Pancakes: Ah! The most satiating and hearty breakfast. With a combination of maple syrup, fruits and a Cappucino, we can already feel our stomachs heavy.

11. Waffles: Slightly crispy, warm and extremely delicious, waffles form the perfect addition to a good cup of Cappuccino. Choose your toppings according to your sweet endurance and give yourself a much-deserved treat.

So all you Cappuccino lovers, grab your Cuppa at your favourite café and relish these Cappuccino and breakfast combos.

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