News of four Indian YouTubers becoming part of Bigg Boss 14 and popular YouTuber Carry Minati being one of them was doing rounds. The YouTuber later clarified the news on his Twitter.

YouTubers have seen a rise in their popularity over the years with them enjoying an equal status quo as any other celebrities. They are appreciated and recognised for their videos and content. Ajey Nagar aka Carry Minati is known for his roast videos that have been able to leave quite some burns online. With over 20 million subscribers, this YouTuber has earned his fair share of fans. He has always been able to make news with the content that he creates online. And recently he made it to the trending list after reports of him entering the Bigg Boss 14 house along with 3 other YouTubers made rounds.

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Although the other Youtubers were not mentioned, Carry Minati being an alleged part of the new season became a top trend on Twitter. The news sounded ironic as some of Carry’s popular videos include the ones where he is seen roasting the show. He has been able to make fun of the show that manages to create a stir with each season. The YouTuber on the other hand cleared out the rumours and tweeted about the same.

Reports of the Youtuber being quarantined in a Mumbai hotel and all ready to start filming after 14 days in Film City were also being circulated. Him entering the house in its 14th season came as a surprise to the fans and the internet went wild since. Netizens did not hold back and shared their response to the news through memes on Twitter. Even though the news turned out to be fake, the memes are still real funny!

Check out these funny memes on the news:

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