Carry Minati's video gets deleted adding fuel to the YouTube vs TikTok fight

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Carry Minati's video

YouTube deletes Carry Minati's video on YouTube vs TikTok and this has got fans talking online. They are showing their support for the YouTuber and trending #ShameOnYoutube and #JusticeforCarry on Twitter.

The internet was on a wild stir after an online YouTube vs TikTok fight broke between the fans of the two famous apps. The argument began after a YouTube Elvis Yadav posted a video roasting some of the Indian TikTokers with TikTokers responding to the same. Carry Minati who is known for his roast and has a subscriber base of 16 million, posted his video roasting the TikTokers calling it YouTube vs TikTok - The End. His YouTube video became an instant hit and was liked by audiences. It also set a record and became the fastest video to hit 2 million likes in 2 hours. Carry's subscriber base also increased by 2 million. Carry Minati's video has, however, been removed by YouTube claiming it violated the terms of service of the platform. Fans have gone crazy over this action by YouTube and are demanding justice for the YouTuber. As a result of which, #ShameOnYoutube and #JusticeforCarry also became the top trends on Twitter.

Here's how fans are supporting Carry Minati:

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