Want to watch something light during breaks at work? Check out these casual shows!

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From FRIENDS to Seinfeld, there are so many casual shows that you can keep on your binge list for when you need a little break during office hours or just after a tiring day at work.

When you're working from home, how often do you want to take a short break and watch something? Coming home after a tiring day at work, do you also want to unwind with a lightweight no-brainer? If you catch yourself saying "me too" right now then these TV shows will come in handy. They not only tickle your funny bones but also provide a respite from all the heavy content on OTT right now. From old school shows like Seinfeld, Friends, and Sex and the City to some of the best lightweight Hindi shows like Gullak, Little Things, and What The Folks!, this list covers it all!

The charm of these shows is that no matter what time of the day and what you're feeling, they'll always end up working their magic. Even though they touch upon the most simple and basic things of life, no amount of rewatching them can make them lose their essence. What essentially works for these shows is they show the extremities of human behavior, simple human emotions, misfits, or socially inappropriate protagonists most often at their worst that produce humor as well as leave you feeling represented. So you're either laughing at them or most often with them!

Check out some of the best casual shows that you can enjoy anytime!

FRIENDS - Netflix

Modern Family - Disney+ Hotstar


Gullak - SonyLIV


Brooklyn 99 - Netflix

Seinfeld - Netflix

Tripling - TVF/ SonyLIV

The Office - Netflix/ Amazon Prime Video

Cubicles - TVF/ SonyLIV

Big Bang Theory - Netflix/ Amazon Prime Video

What The Folks - Dice Media's YouTube


Community - Netflix

Parks and Recreation - Amazon Prime Video


Little Things - Netflix

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Disney+ Hotstar

Schitt's Creek - Netflix


Pushpavalli - Amazon Prime Video

Two and a Half Men - Amazon Prime Video

New Girl - Disney+ Hotstar

Sarabhai VS Sarabhai - Disney+ Hotstar

Sex and the City - Disney+ Hotstar

Panchayat - Amazon Prime Video


How I Met Your Mother - Disney+ Hotstar

Permanent Roommates - TVF/ Zee5

Curb Your Enthusiasm - Disney+ Hotstar

Gilmore Girls - Netflix


Which of these have you watched before? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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