Cat obsessed Alia Bhatt is officially way more adorable than before!

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cat obsessed Alia Bhatt

Cat obsessed Alia Bhatt is nothing short of one of the cutest things on Instagram and it’s difficult not to double tap those awwdorable pictures like my life depends on it!

If you’re one of those people who have an unusually weird, but extremely well justified obsession with those four legged furry felines who enchant our hearts and minds, welcome to the club and I’m the President. But did you know cat obsessed Alia Bhatt is one of us?

Proud mother to her white fuzzy feline, Edward, Alia Bhatt can’t even keep herself from petting and clicking pictures with random cats on the street, which is how all of us would be if this world was perfect.

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Much like we all do, capturing pictures of sleepy Edward, holding him and bumping that oh so precious pink nose, cat obsessed Alia Bhatt was cute before, but now, she is WAY cuter!

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