CarryMinati reaches yet another milestone with 30 million subscribers

Indian YouTuber and musician, CarryMinati aka Ajey Nagar crossed 30 million subscribers and his fans are celebrating this milestone.

19 Actors who have a YouTube channel

These celebrities are giving us a peek into their lives with their YouTube Channels. Check the list! Youtube...

Ekta from Garden Up moving houses with plants is the plant...

Check out how Ekta Youtuber from Garden Up managed to move her house with all her 100 plants while giving tips to...

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge launched a Youtube channel

Our favorite royals of Cambridge, Prince William, and Catherine Middleton, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge started a Youtube channel last week.

These movies had music as the hero of the story

Here are some movies where music held the film together and took it to the next level, making it the hero.

The Shola Dance – The mania you should all try

Singer Akasa released a new song 'Shola' featuring actor Rohit Saraf. And it started a Shola Dance mania that you should definitely...

Inspiring songs for days when you feel glum

This list of inspiring songs will uplift your mood and inspire you on days when you need it.

DIY gift ideas for mom inspired by your favorite creators

These DIY gift ideas from our favorite creators make for a lovely Mother's Day gift. Check them out! It's...

Sufi inspired playlist to help you relax after a stressful day

These timeless and soulful Sufi songs are the epitome of emotions. Listen to them once and you'll surely be listening to them...

Coke Studio songs to help you get through a tough day

These songs from Coke Studio are soothing, beautiful, and perfect for when you need to get through a tough day!

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