6 things that prove that Karan Johar is way ahead of his times!

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Karan Johar

Karan Johar has broken the mold and paved the way for a lot of new things that are popular even today and here’s why we think he's progressive.

Over the span of his more than two decade long career, Karan Johar has built an empire with Dharma Productions. His movies are known to be dramatic and extravagant in the best way possible. But if you look beyond the director, you will see a person with an ambition like no other. He has a mind that's peculiar and different from others in a way where he's introduced concepts to our industry that we hadn't seen before. The kind of topics that content is made on today is something he portrayed in his films since his very first film itself. But more than his filmmaking, his name has become synonymous with his talk show, Koffee with Karan. All of us have our opinions on the show of course, but none of us can deny the fact that he brought in something that completely changed the pop culture scene in India and out of so many things that have started and died down, that is one talk show which remains intact and hooks us to it each season. Then came his very own modern family situation where he decided to raise his twins with his mother. There is so much to learn from the trajectory of his life so far and how he was unknowingly a trendsetter since the early 2000s!

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Here are 6 ways he redefined the norm!

Having an honest talk show that has caused a lot of stir in the industry

Koffee with Karan paved the way for a lot of talk shows to come into existence. It was the first English language talk show that A list celebrities were a part of and it instantly became known for its scandalous questions. Karan asked honest, sometimes rather risky questions that we never saw other hosts doing and the infamous rapid fire was also unheard of at that point which then became a viral trend in interviews even today.

His movies always bring out the complexities in families and relationships

In an era where Bollywood movies were known to have happy families where nothing goes wrong, Karan Johar challenged that thought with his films. He made Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna which was a film about infidelity, very early on in his career. Some of his other iconic films like K3G and Kal Ho Naa Ho, always portray rather unconventional families that stayed with us forever.

He was the first celebrity to openly speak about surrogacy 

He was one of the first few celebrities to openly speak about surrogacy when a lot of people weren’t aware of the concept or considered it taboo. Surrogacy in itself was said to be unconventional, and to add to that, he was also a single father raising his kids, which subjected him to a lot of media scrutiny at that point. But he remained true to his decision of wanting to raise kids for the love he had for parenthood and family.

In his biography, The Unsuitable Boy, he gave an honest insight into his life

He revealed a lot of lesser known things about him to the world. His spat with Kareena Kapoor, his equation with Shah Rukh Khan and his argument with Kajol were all written about in the book. We rarely saw celebrities openly talk about their fights in public. But what became the topic of discussion was the fact that the book was his way of coming out to the world about his sexuality and letting go of the fear of judgment about it.


He never confined himself to doing just one thing

Most directors only stick to filmmaking, which of course is not a bad thing, but Karan Johar did not want to carve that niche for himself. Apart from continuing his father’s legacy in films, he is also a charismatic talk show host, a reality show judge, an entrepreneur, and an author. He made the name a brand and someone who people would want to see at events instead of confining himself to only being behind the scenes.


His fashion choices were always a cut above the rest 

We’re all well aware of his love for clothes and he has experimented with his outfits. He has of course had a fashion evolution over the years with his colorful bling jackets to owning the latest collection of some of the biggest luxury brands.

Happy birthday to the filmmaker who tugs at our hearts and constantly redefines himself!

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