7 remarkable roles by Shweta Tripathi that left an impact on us!

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From Masaan to Mirzapur, Shweta Tripathi's filmography proves she's a talented yet one of the underrated actors of today's time and here are some characters embodied by her that we absolutely loved!

Shweta Tripathi Sharma, the talented actress who captivated audiences with her iconic portrayal of Golu Gupta in Mirzapur, also had quite a lot of other characters that made a mark for her in the industry. With a career spanning a wide range of mediums, including Hindi films, web series, short films, advertisements, and productions, just showed her love and dedication towards the craft. She made heads turn with her debut film Masaan, that is still considered to be one of her best works. She also defined the small role big impact term with her episode in Made in Heaven. Apart from acting, she also has a solid social media presence and via her Instagram, she also shares her love for reciting poetry. Not many know this, but she started out as a Disney kid with a teen show called 'Kya Mast Hai Life' and now seeing her trajectory as an actress she has come a rather long way!

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Here are some of her most notable characters!

Shaalu Gupta - Masaan 

Shweta Tripathi's powerful performance in Masaan was a game-changer, as she brought to life the struggles of a young girl trapped in a small town's suffocating expectations. With a depth and vulnerability that was nothing short of remarkable. Shalu's story was a testament to the struggles of small-town India, and Shweta's portrayal was a resounding echo of the voices that often go unheard.


Sandhya - Haraamkhor

In Haraamkhor, Shweta Tripathi took on the role of Sandhya, a student entangled in a taboo relationship with her teacher, played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Her performance was widely praised for its nuanced complexity and undeniable chemistry with her co-star. By tackling sensitive subjects, Shweta's portrayal of the character left a lasting impact on audiences.

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Dr. Shreya - Lakhon Mein Ek

Her impressive range and adaptability were rather prominent in her subsequent roles as well. In Lakhon Mein Ek, she brought Dr. Shreya to life, a character with passion and dedication for her work that yet again garnered her a lot of praise from the audience. Her character dealt with the struggles of fighting against a corrupt system and that's what the story rather interesting.

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Zenia Khan - The Trip

In The Trip, Shweta Tripathi embodied the free-spirited Zenia Khan, bringing infectious energy and enthusiasm to the role of a young woman on a journey of self-discovery with her friends. Her performance was a joy to watch and her chemistry with her co-stars felt authentic and heart-warming.


Aliya - Made in Heaven

In Prime Videos's Made in Heaven, Shweta Tripathi did a fabulous job playing the role of Aliya, a complex and nuanced character. Her performance was praised for its subtlety and depth. Although she played someone who was so excited and happy to get married to the love of her life, finding out about the fact that his family asked for dowry, made her put her foot down right away. That one scene at the mandap not only gave us a satisfying ending as an audience but also gave a strong message that left an impact way after the season was over. 

madein heaven

Gone kesh

Shweta's fearless approach to her craft was evident in her heart-wrenching performance in Gone Kesh, where she played a young dancer grappling with alopecia. With vulnerability and resilience, Shweta breathed life into her character, making her struggles and triumphs rather relatable to anyone who has been through this. Gone-Kesh

Golu Gupta - Mirzapur

Her portrayal of Golu Gupta in Mirzapur marked a noteworthy retreat from traditional female roles in Indian cinema, as she embraced the character's fierce and feisty personality. With her impressive action sequences and unapologetic attitude, she earned widespread critical acclaim and a massive fan following. As Golu, she proved herself to be a force to be reckoned with, shattering gender stereotypes and cementing her status as a state of the art actress who refuses to be bound by conventional norms.


Here's to many more iconic performances and achievements, Happy Birthday to the versatile actor who we'll never get tired of watching on-screen!

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