Centre transfers Justice S Muralidhar who criticized Delhi police to Punjab & Haryana court

Smrithi Mohan
Feb 27, 2020 08:22 IST
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Justice S Muralidhar

The centre on Wednesday night issued a notification on the transfer of the third-highest justice of India, Justice S Muralidhar to Punjab and Haryana court.

On Wednesday, the Centre transferred the third-highest Justice of India Justice S Muralidhar to Haryana and Punjab. The issue for the transfer was notified at around 11 pm on Wednesday night two weeks after it was recommended by the Supreme Court collegium on February 12.

Justice S Muralidhar was very vocal about his views and criticised the Delhi police regarding the violence happening in the capital state. He said earlier on Wednesday that an event like 1984 cannot happen again and also asked the centre to work towards taking actions against the same. S Muralidhar also suggested that an FIR must be filed against four BJP leaders who delivered hate speeches that resulted in the violence leading to the death of 24 people and many injured.

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