We already know CES 2020 was much-awaited by technology enthusiasts and gadget geeks! Over 4,500 companies presented their latest products, and this time, the innovations have been bigger and better. While there are so many products that were showcased, we’ve zeroed down on some of the most unique and innovative gadgets. Read on to find out more:

Withings ScanWatch

It’s time to move past your usual fitness watches, because Withing’s new watch uses optical blood oxygen sensors to sense sleep interruptions, that could be a sign of sleep apnea. That’s not all – the watch also has ECG, swim tracking and comes with a battery-life of 30 days. Our excitement is at its peak – what an innovation!

Tombot Jennie

The robotic lap dog, Jennie will make you melt at the first glance! She can’t move, but is really comforting with her fuzzy synthetic fur and expressive personality. Made in partnership between robot start-up Tombot and the Jim Henson Company, Jennie is ideal for senior citizens who suffer from cognitive ailments.

L’Oreal Perso

Who would have thought you could create your own makeup with ease? L’oreal has made it possible with Perso. This one-of-a kind makeup and skincare mixer lets you create formulas of lipstick and skin care products. You just need to load cartridges with a range of ingredients and voila, you have your concoction ready!

BrainCo’s prosthetic hand

Another technological innovation worth writing about is BrainCo’s AI-powered prosthetic hand. The technology works with an amputee’s brain waves and muscle signals so that they can move the way they like! In addition, it also permits amputees to have a wider range of motion customised to their own bodies.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook

One look at the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook and you’re sure to fall in low! This one is in collaboration with Google and is a high-end device with a stunning design and great specs. It is something truly worth looking out for!

TCL Foldable phone

This piqued our interest and for good reason! TLC’s foldable phone has a great bending screen and offers great specs, but the brand’s goal is to bring down the price, so that the masses can enjoy this gadget. The phone comes with three rear cameras, great display and lightning 5G!


How can CES 2020 be complete without TV tech? As of now, we have only seen OLED TVs courtesy LG and Sony, but the third-largest TV brand in the US, brings the best of technology in its OLED TV! This is truly one of the most exciting launches for TV shoppers.


Now you might wonder why a toothbrush is part of this list – read on to know. This Y-brush is not a regular toothbrush, it is more like a mouthpiece with little brushes. And guess what, it saves you a lot of time by helping you brush your teeth in only 10 seconds!

Pampers Lumi

We have all heard of diaper brand, Pampers, but this time around, they have created something we had never even thought of! The brand has worked with engineers and pediatricians to create a baby monitoring system that combines a camera and a sensor that can attach to a baby’s diaper. This will help you track your baby’s sleeping cycle and his/her quality of sleep and when they go to the bathroom.

The OnePlus Concept One

For some, the idea of a camera lens at the back feels cumbersome. Fret not, the OnePlus Concept One uses special glass that can tint the lens of the rear camera. So when you are not using it to click pictures, the glass stays black! When you click images, the glass becomes transparent.

Razer Sila 5G Home Router

Razer has garnered a strong reputation for its gaming hardware, but at CES 2020, it launched a 5G router that can double up as a stationary 5G-based home mesh router and a mobile 5G hotspot. That’s some innovation, isn’t it?

Let’s see what the next year has in store for us!