Chak De! India moments were created IRL in Tokyo Olympics 2021

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Tokyo Olympics

Multiple Chak De! India moments were created by the Indian women's hockey team in Tokyo Olympics while playing their match against Australia.

Indian women's hockey team created history on Monday in Tokyo Olympics by winning a match against Australia. It was the first time ever that the Indian women's hockey team reached the semi-final of the Olympics and that too after beating a three-time champion team, Australia. The whole country is super proud of the team for achieving this feat and we just can't get over the similarity between this match and Chak De! India! This hockey match played by the Indian women's hockey team in the Tokyo Olympics looked awfully like the one from Chak De! India and people were quick enough to notice it.

The setting of the match was quite similar, the Indian team playing against the three-time champion, Australia. The winning credit also went to the goalkeeper who was also the captain of the team (Vidya, in Chak De! India and Rani Rampal IRL. The match was also quite similar with various penalities.

Watch the highlights and check it out for yourself!

Shah Rukh Khan as Kabir Khan was leading the team in Chak De! and Dutch coach, Sjoerd Marijne was leading the team at the Tokyo Olympics. Look at this fun interaction between both reel-real life coaches!

Following this, there was a series of 'Chak De! India' tweets on Twitter and the hashtag became trending! Many other celebrities also congratulated the team on the historical win.

We don't know about you, but this definitely left us with goosebumps!

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