Could Chandler Bing HAVE anymore social media lessons?

Saloni Surti
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Could Chandler Bing HAVE anymore social media lessons?
Starting this post with a pun – could I BE anymore clichéd? Matthew Perry might have turned 46 today, but, Chandler Bing continues to be timeless. Am I the only one who thinks this is the perfect definition of brand recall?

Bing – a – ling (read it in Janice Litman Goralnik’s voice) defined social media ethics even before the term was coined. Well, he might have been a bit socially awkward, but hey, he landed Monica.

So, here are some social media tips, from the ultimate hope for brands that wish to move out of the social friendzone – if you know what I mean.

Play by your strength

We all know how Chandler’s advises wound up. David proposing Phoebe – a Chandler brewed mess.

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It is very important to play by your strength. Just because everyone is going gaga about a trend don’t jump the bus – just play by what you’re good at.

Stop at the right time

Yes, stopping at the first sign of resistance is a must.

If a particular user hasn’t responded, re-marketing might not be a very good idea. Also, numbers of posts don’t define engagement; it’s quality. Stop when you have to. Bing-O!

Consumers are always right

Only Chandler had the knack of taking criticism with a pinch of salt.


Even if the consumer is wrong, there is a way to address the issue; and if you’re at mistake – just accept it.

Know your audience

The way Chandler knew Joey – yes that is the way you need to know your audience. And you have that kind of data support.

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Well, when Joey sets his mind on something he sleeps with it. Decode what you’re audience would want from you ultimately.

Rebrand to be user friendly

What is blah? Chandler is a hoot.

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From a tractor to metal required in building ladders – no matter how serious or niche your product is, it is very important to brand yourself as user friendly.

Social media is not the only thing we have learnt from you; Happy Birthday Matthew Perry. Thanks for giving us Chandler Bing.

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