Meeta Solanki: A complex soul, who is often misunderstood but unforgettable!

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Meeta Solanki

Here's why Hasee Toh Phasee's Meeta Solanki was way ahead of her times. 

Hasee Toh Phasee was released 9 years ago and while the film did not really fare well at the box office, Parineeti Chopra played Meeta Solanki in the film and she sure did grab everyone’s attention. Hasee Toh Phasee was based on a Gujarati family which consisted of four daughters. Out of which the movie mainly focused on two. One was Karishma Solanki (Adah Sharma), an actress who fell in love with Nikhil Bhardwaj (Sidharth Malhotra) who comes from an off beat North Indian family. And the second daughter was Meeta, who was considered the black sheep of the family. She was casted away from everyone because of the ‘shame’ she brought on her family name because she had a mind of her own.

She was a science genius who moved to China for an experiment she was working on. When she eventually was in dire need of money, she comes back to Mumbai and that’s when she reconnects with her sister Karishma and her fiance Nikhil. It’s established from the start that Meeta is heavily dependent on her pills which makes her behaviour erratic and not very normal. Meeta was not the quintessential Bollywood heroine who is usually glamourized on the big screen. Actually the more you think about her the more relatable she gets. She had a passion in her heart, for which she moved to another country. Through her character, she shows what mental health issues and addiction can look like. But lowkey she was just a girl next door who was longing for love by literally everyone. Her parents, her sisters and eventually Nikhil who she forms a relationship with. 

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Meeta needed money to pay her investors back whereas her family was showering money on Karishma’s wedding. In the scene where her uncle slaps her for taking money that actually belongs to her, serves as a parallel to how they’d rather give money for a lavish wedding than spend it on education. But that does not shake her beliefs. Meeta was an example of 'if your heart is in the right place, good things will follow'. She was also not typical in a way that her sense of humor also relied on sarcastic comments and easily adjusting into circumstances that we would otherwise find bizarre. Because she is such a misfit she also seamlessly blends into Nikhil’s crazy family. She has an answer to all their questions, she gives them eye for an eye which is also what made the movie so funny to watch. Meeta was an ode to every person who walks away from the norm, and wants to live life on their own terms, even if that means making difficult decisions sometimes.

Thank you, Parineeti Chopra for giving us a character who still manages to be relevant to the women of today in so many ways! 

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