Gone are the days when Bollywood celebs would heavily rely on PR agencies and press conferences to clear false allegations & rumored stories against them on TV & print media. Social media being a free platform, has given celebs a sense of empowerment, where they can freely put across a message to millions of their fans simply within seconds. Be it promoting their films, engaging with fans or even showing off their selfies, these Bollywood celebs never fail to update their fans about latest happenings.

Here’s a compilation of 10 such Bollywood celebrities, who are making the most out of social media.

Have a look  –

1 – Amitabh Bacchan

What is he doing – The Senior Bacchan tweets about his social initiatives, latest movies, sports and his blog.

What does it say about him – He’s a veteran speaker, who is vocal about his expressions on social media.



2 – Salman Khan

What is he doing – Salman does anything & everything on Twitter. Right from promoting – ‘Being Human’ to promoting movies done by others in the film industry to even hosting the ‘which nimbu mirchi is the best’ contest to engage with his fans.

What does it say about him – He doesn’t give a damn to anyone. He’s probably among those few celebs who handle their social media accounts on their own.


3 – Shah Rukh Khan

What is he doing – The King Khan apart from his brand and movie endorsements, also talks about his life and his experiences.

What does it say about it – There is another deeper side to this Khan, which may be camouflaged in this world of glamor.


4 – Hritik Roshan

What is he doing – Hritik tweets about his life experiences and motivates people to be positive towards life.

What does it say about him – It breaks all this flamboyant image which the media has created.


5 – Ranveer Singh

What is he doing –  Ranveer is heavy on his own movie promotions along with his buddy Arjun Kapoor. Apart from that, you’ll find loads of selfies!

What does it mean – His online account is like the way he is, carefree. Wven spotted him using the word MoFo.



6 – Shahid Kapoor

What is he doing – Shahid’s instagram is filled with his selfies along with dancing & gym pictures while his twitter account, talks about his movies promotions along with social messages.

What does it say about it – His instagram profile seems more personal than his twitter account. Comes across as a sensitive guy, which could help him gain some more female fan following.


7 – Arjun Kapoor

What is he doing –Apart from what everyone is doing, which is posting selfies on their accounts, Arjun is posting videos through his instagram to connect with audiences.

What does it say about him – Not your casual hero who follows the bandwagon. Instead this Kapoor believes in doing the unusual and standing out!



8 – Varun Dhawan

What is he doing – Posts a lot of selfies and his gym pictures.

What does it say about him – Quite evidently is self obsessed and loves to workout.


9 – Siddharth Malhotra

What is he doing – Wishes everyone on festivals and has super quick chats with fans and gives his whereabouts.

What does it say about him – He’s on the way to build some more fan following.


10 – John Abraham

What is he doing – Heavy promotions of his brands and hockey team on twitter while on instagram you can see motivational quotes and his love for bodybuilding.

What does it say about him – You can see a more business side of him on twitter and a personal side of him on instagram.

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