Cheeky Exploits Challenge: People flashing bare butts on Instagram!

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Cheeky Exploits Challenge: People flashing bare butts on Instagram!
Out of all the wackiest trends that found a sweet spot on the internet, this time the Cheeky Exploits Challenge is out to make the world happier through butts.

People are posing their bare butts against the most beautiful landscapes of the world and sharing their photos with #CheekyExploits and #ButtsOfInstagram.  As a part of the Cheeky Exploits Challenge, Instagram right now has the world sharing their butts from around the world.

Not afraid to hold themselves back, people are getting stunningly innovative and artistic with their photos. Let's take a look.

This Instagrammer shared a picture of him in Hawaii with a backdrop of bright blue ocean

We have a surfer straight from France. 

After Hawaii and France, the butt challenge reached Mauritius after a user sent his picture there.

#cheekyexploits #selfion #ilemaurice

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A bare butt from the landscapes of Mississippi my friends 

Then we had someone who took this challenge a step ahead and posed in Canada with their naked butt in heavy snow. Pretty cool, isn't it?

Becoming a part of the Challenge, a user shared a picture of his butt in Sydney, with the Opera House in the background.

Resembling a painting, this user induced her photograph with art when she posed within the vivid yellow flowers, with a vast water body in the backdrop.

Clearly, this Challenge was contagious enough to reach different parts of the world wherein Instagrammers willingly embraced this and in fact, filled it with more creativity. Butt naturally we suppose!

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