Viral trend seem to be the current new thing happening all over the world, as everyone seems to be jumping on the VIRAL WAGON to become famous. They may sound weird at first, but then everyone goes on to try it and why not? Humans of the internet have been participating in the same on social media for quite some time now. Recent ones have been the KIKI Challenge and The BIRD BOX Challenge that have gone viral. Also, the ALS Challenge and Invisible Challenge were the ones that trended worldwide and became a viral phenomenon on Social Media with social beings participating actively. We have got another coming your way real soon.

Throwing a cheese slice on an unsuspecting person/animals. Your first reaction might be ‘Why would someone do that’?
Well someone just did that and posted it on social media and got over 5.2 million views. A Twitter user named @unclehxlmes throwing a cheese slice on his baby brother’s face has gone viral and not only has collected those insane number of views but also 4.7 lac likes and 1.6 lac retweets.

“I shouldn’t laugh as much as I just did, he even knew something bad was about to happen,” tweets a twitter user.

Tweeps, as usual, got inspired by it and tried to do the same thing with their kids, siblings, cousins, friends, and animals. That’s right, even they weren’t sparred. Reactions are so good that you just can’t ignore them.

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What do you think happens in India when they get slammed by cheese or when they say cheese?