Twitter can’t stop salivating on the idea of having to get the shadi ka khanna at home, after a Chennai family surprises the internet. The couple wanted every guest to enjoy their virtual wedding!

In one of the most positive and exciting news ever, a Chennai family decided to up their game in the quarantine wedding edition. The couple who got married decided to send smiles to their guest by delivering their wedding sapaad, shaadi ka khanna to their homes.

The family decided to make this decision along with their wedding invite so that no one feels left out in their virtual wedding. The family went all in and send an elaborate kalyanam saapad to the families. A total of 12 dishes were delivered to the guests that they received in four bags, each of which had two big and two small tiffin carriers and banana leaves. The saapad included sambar, rasam, puli sadham to payasam and kheer packed inside the bags. Not just that, they placed a complete instruction on how they can enjoy the traditional food by mentioning which item is to be placed where on the the banana leaf. A total of In total, 700 packages were delivered at 250 homes.

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