We had a conversation with food blogger and content creator Chinar Grover. Check out all she had to share.

There is hardly anyone who is not fond of food. We all crave for food and can’t resist it. We can’t deny the fact that we scroll online and look at all the yummy food and tasty treats until we drool and satisfy ourselves with the packet of chips at home. It becomes easy for us to drool over these videos and pictures because food bloggers go in search of good and exciting food. One of these food bloggers is Chinar Grover aka foodconnectindia who believes and creates content that satisfies her audiences. We had a chat with Chinar Grover and here is what she had to share about her life as a content creator.

In our conversation with Chinar Grover here’s all she had to share:

1) When did you start creating content?

“I began creating content from September 2015.”

2) What drew you to your style/nature of the content?

“I am a food enthusiast and an admirer. Rather being called a foodie or an ardent lover. I tend to see creativity in food.”

3) What is your USP in this cluttered space? How does your content give you an edge?

“The real essence of my content is to provide a striking balance in details and the experience that I relished while clicking the grub. I am given to understand that it’s not merely my perspective but to my audience and their opinions which is why I take the extra effort to provide my Insta Fam with a picture worth remembering.”

4) How important is it to strike a balance between sharing personal opinions and an objective take on say products/services/movies/political scenarios etc?

“As an Instagram influencer, the insta fam has a lot of queries and inquisitive approach and being answerable is a quintessential task. That being said, sharing a personal opinion given on any product/service/movies is imperative effort since my view is what I believe, essential to be shared and professed, to my insta fam be it any subject.”

5) Your virtual life must have definitely changed after you came to be recognized as an influencer. How has it affected your personal life?

“I am a student (pursuing a career in Chartered Accountancy), an Instagram influencer, a daughter, sister. The question does strike me as a task that one has to maintain a balance between professional and personal front. I am happy to reciprocate that neither my personal life has been affected as I have never failed to fulfil my duties towards my family and similarly I try to the best of my capacity to never disappoint my audience.
The only change I see after being a recognised insta influencer is that now I have a bigger responsibility towards my audience to never let them down and the same is not an impediment on my personal front.”

6) How do you choose what to promote on your feed and what not to?

“I believe in ‘I don’t preach what I don’t practice’ philosophy.”

7) One instance/experience that made it all worthwhile?

“I am happy that even Insta has appreciated my hard work and this being a laudable achievement. When I got verified (Blue Tick) on Instagram, it was all worthy.”

8) Favourite meme template on social media?

“2019 Cricket Worldcup Pakistan Angry Cricket fan meme.”

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9) If not a content creator, you would be?

“A fashion designer.”

10) A day in your life….

“A day in my life is never complete without my family and Instagram”

11) Message/tips for upcoming bloggers.

“Effort is the key. One has to make an extra step, walk an extra mile to be different from others. My motto has always been to just believe in your content.”

12) Your Favorite Influencer?

“Bruised Passport, amazing Instagram influencers. And honourable mentions Instagram Page – Buzzfeedtasty.”

13) Your favourite social media platform and feature?

“Instagram. I love it ‘Swipe up’ to the link directly. And also the song feature, I literally can add music to any picture as per my current mood.”

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