Watch Sudhanshu Rai’s tryst with the future in the Chintaa Mani trailer

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Chintaa Mani trailer

Watch the Chintaa Mani trailer, a thriller meets comedy in Sudhanshu Rai’s upcoming short film helmed by debutant director Puneet Sharma.

If you think a smart treatment of supernatural subjects is exclusive to Hollywood, the trailer of the upcoming Chintaa Mani would definitely make you re-assess your beliefs. Produced under the banner of Saints Art and Kahanikaar Sudhanshu Rai, Chintaa Mani is a comedy thriller, with an element of extraterrestrial phenomena. Starring Sudhanshu Rai, Shobhit Sujay, Abhishek Sonpaliya and Akhlaq Ahmad (Azad), the nearly half-an-hour-long thriller has been helmed by debutant director Puneet Sharma, who had co-written Chaipatti and Detective Boomrah. The trailer of Chintaa Mani has been released on Kahanikaar Sudhanshu Rai's official YouTube channel.

The 47-second trailer shows three friends getting possession of a miraculous Mani (precious stone), referring to which a vagabond is seen saying his stone can foretell the future. An attempt at the same shows the trio some unexpected future happenings, following which they can be seen gloating over how amazing their catch is. However, it's apparent from the trailer that things certainly fail to go as expected, and the man with the stone is much beyond what meets the eye.

“It is always a cause of encouragement when out-of-the-box concepts get due love and appreciation from the audience. The overwhelming response to my stories and our earlier streaming releases Chaipatti & Detective Boomrah buoyed us up to experiment with more such content that has rarely been seen on the Indian screen. Chintaa Mani would stand true to the promise of giving the viewers a surreal experience as it is a unique culmination of diverse genres with some eye-catching performances,” said storyteller and filmmaker, Sudhanshu Rai on the upcoming OTT release.

Chintaa Mani has been written by Sudhanshu Rai while its director of photography is Sparsh Hasija. The short film has been edited by Saurabh Rawat and a power background score and sound have been designed by Pranav Arora (Praosh). Adding colours to the film is colorist, Yash Soni.

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