Netflix is and has been a constant and trustworthy source of entertainment over the last few years. It has managed to make quality content accessible for the 150 million people who have subscribed to the service. While ‘Chopsticks’ was definitely not in the same league or genre as the other originals, the trailer and its talented cast had certainly set the expectations of the audience quite high. However, the film, which revolves around the story of a stolen car, failed to match the buzz it created.

‘Chopsticks’ was touted to be an off-beat, quirky film with ordinary yet striking characters stuck in a hilarious situation. The film stays true to these elements individually, and theoretically, putting them all together should work brilliantly but sadly, it doesn’t.

The movie spends too much time building Abhay Deol’s character – Artist, who is an eccentric con man. Even Abhay’s endearing charm and intriguing antics fail to keep you interested in his strange ways of life. Mithila does a fair job as the confused, scared and under-confident girl, Nirma Sahastrabuddhe in the film and Vijay Raaz pulls-off the slightly crazy gangster who cares about his goat more than anything else, quite well.

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As mentioned earlier, the talented cast did justice to the characters. It was perhaps the writing and the execution that let the film down in certain parts; the jokes seem outdated and the chemistry between the leads feels forced.

Here are a few mixed reviews from the audience who took to Twitter to share their take:

As they say, too many hands spoil the soup – in this case, too many ingredients ruined it. The film has its heartwarming and charming moments too. However, the build-up often leads to a disappointing end in multiple scenes. Perhaps, if it didn’t have too many subplots, it would have worked better with a larger audience. As a film that wasn’t acquired but commissioned by Netflix, this one could have definitely been a few notches higher in content.

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