10 reasons proving Chris Hemsworth is 'worthy' of all our attention!

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Chris Hemsworth

There is no other man we know who can be good looking even with a ponch, only Chris Hemsworth can pull that off! It’s this hunk’s 36th birthday today and that is all the excuse we need to drool over him (again!)

Being the God of Thunder or an agent of the MIB, Chris Hemsworth has nailed all the roles while effortlessly looking handsome af all throughout! If you don’t already follow (read: stalk) him on all social media, here are just a few reasons to do that stat!

1. He makes nature 100x cuter!

2. How to flirt 101

3. It should be illegal to have that body

4. Fitness comes first!

5. A fun, loving and incredibly hot husband

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6. A family man through and through

7. He compliments those suits, doesn’t he?

8. His love for the sea!

9. …or the sky

10. Did I mention he’s HOT??

Happy Birthday Chris, we love you and we hope you keep entertaining us!

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