7 things Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord and Andy Dwyer have in common

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Star-Lord and Andy Dwyer

There is a similarity between the two that is hard to miss as fans of Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord and Andy Dwyer, and we have tried to list a few.

Chris Pratt is one of the Hollywood Chris' who is excellent at comedy. It comes naturally to him and it is almost impossible to predict when he might drop a joke and have us all rolling with laughter. The actor who rose to be recognised for his quintessential role in Parks and Recreations as Andy has become one of the most popular Chris' by playing the superhero Star-Lord from Guardians Of The Galaxy and kicking arse onscreen. He has been a part of a number of movies making an impact even with the little time he is onscreen. It is not just his onscreen characters that people love but his appearance on live TV and interviews too. He is quick-witted and shares a chemistry with all of his co-stars and that shows in every appearance that he makes. While Chris has done quite some work over the years, the characters from his filmography that people really love to go back to have to be Star-Lord and Andy Dwyer.

One is a man like us Earthlings who has been through 6 different jobs and the other has been through different universes and there is a very evident difference. When you actually come to think of it, both of these characters have something in common. Besides the fact that Chris plays both of them, fans of both characters can feel the similarities popping up now and then. The two lovable idiots don’t even have to belong to the same planet or galaxy for them to connect to us. There have been instances where we're able to find one character in the other.

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We have listed a few similarities to show you what we see!

Dance off, Bro: Who would be the other person in the universe who decides to resolve a fight with a dance-off other than Peter Quill? Of course Andy. Chris blurred the line between the two in this single scene. Something that could have been the silliest scene was turned into an iconic one. It just gave off a very Andy’s “I don’t know what I am doing, but I am doing it really well” kinda vibe.

Girlfriends bringing stability to their lives (kinda): Both of them were like lost puppies in their own universes but with April and Gamora, both of them found a purpose in their lives. Not to miss the love that they had for them.


Loved by their friends who eventually became family: Even though people around them may have found them to be a nuisance at the start, they managed to charm all of them eventually. They went from being just people in their lives to family and we love that for both of them


Being silly and making it known to the ones they don't like: Star-Lord teasing Thor and mimicking his voice is so Andy that we can’t find any difference there. Both of them are not afraid to let the person know if they don’t like them in the most childish way possible. For some reason, that is the biggest green flag about both of them.

Star-Lord in GOTG Volume 3 was Andy after losing the Police academic exam. Yes, we know Peter literally lost the love of his life, but so did Andy. Andy always wanted to be a police officer. Andy pretending to be an agent at the chance he got is a testament to it. As April puts it, he became the 'sad and sweaty Andy’ failing to find meaning to anything he does. The same happened with Peter after Endgame and we all felt it in our hearts.


Unforgettable one-liners: Chris is known for his improv on sets. They are hilarious and good and they usually make it to the final cut. That is also the reason why we have some of the best one-liners by both Star-Lord and Andy.


Lastly and most importantly, their love for old classic music. Both of them have a good collection of songs and never fail to share it with their friends.


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