With plastic use becoming a major concern, Chrome Pictures decides to go green by adopting the No Single-Use Plastic policy.

Remember when our earth used to be all green and beautiful? However, there is one subject that has grown to become a major concern. Though it took us some time, we have come to the realization that the beauty and perhaps the existence of our planet is under crisis because of our use of plastic and other harmful actions. If we as people living on this earth have anything to worry about apart from the various other problems and issues that we have caused, is the use of Plastic! Single-use plastic is an issue because of the long term effect that it has on our earth. Countries around the world are wanting to dispose of all the plastic waste that has accumulated over the past several years and therefore several of them have adopted the No Single-Use Plastic policy.

No Plastic policy

India is one among such countries that have taken an effort towards making the world a better, plastic-free place to live in. This initiative has encouraged people from different strata of society to do the same and contribute their bit towards the same.

The entertainment industry that has a wide reach among the people of our country have also joined in becoming a part of this great initiative.

Recently we saw Varun Dhawan share how the set of Coolie No. 1 decided to go with a no-plastic bottles on the set policy.

Chrome Pictures, a top entertainment production company is one among those who decided on going plastic-free when it comes to single-use plastic. This states that the people from this industry are doing their part in contributing to this necessary initiative. As a part of the recent movement, the team at Chrome Pictures has decided to eliminate the use of single-use plastic that cause harm to the environment. Being a part of an industry that tends to have single-use materials like thermocol, banning plastic or implementing a no-plastic zone was a challenge for them but this helped them come up with alternate solutions. By creating an eco-friendly environment for their employees the company aims at encouraging their employees to adapt to this way of living.

No Plastic policy

Talking about their efforts towards it, Aleya Sen (Director, Producer, Writer, Co-founder- Chrome Pictures) said, “As a mandate, we plant saplings after every outdoor shoot and a high-level efficiency in maintaining wastage is carried out. Jute bags and other biodegradable material bags and crockery for catering, are designed in house to finish usage of plastic in shoots.

No Plastic policy

They have administered paperless solutions and have successfully transformed most working digitally and recycling methods. The crew members are given glass bottles and litter bins are installed at the shoot locations as an aid to their no single-use plastic policy.