Cinema Marte Dum Tak gave a peek into the golden age of cinema and left the Janta feeling nostalgic!

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Cinema Marte Dum Tak is a docu-series that gives you sneak peek into lives and working methods of four veteran directors. Check out Janta's reaction to this!

Cinema Marte Dum Tak on Prime Video is a docu-series that gives you a sneak peek into the lives and working methods of four veteran directors. And here's what the Janta's felt about this one!

Creators of Cinema Marte Dum Tak, Vasan Bala and Samira Kanwar got a lot of praise from the Janta for this amazing new concept that they've put out. With an ensemble cast of J Neelam, Dilip Gulati, Vinod Talwar, Kishan Shah, and Sapna Sappu, this show is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video and has 6 episodes of 45 mins each.

Vasan Bala, skilfully looks into the lives and working methods of four pulp film directors. There's the eco-warrior Dilip Gulati (Jungle Beauty - 1991, Zimbo - 1999), the jack-of-all-trades, Kishan Shah, the vampire-obsessed Vinod Talwar (Raat ke Andhere Mein - 1987) and the explorer of feminine desire J. Neelam who made cult classics like Main Hoon Kunwari Dulhan - 2001 and Tadapti Jawani, 2005, Bhoot Ke Peeche Bhoot - 2003, Pyaasi Nagin - 2004, and Jungle Lioness - 2004. When assigned the responsibility of creating another short film, the directors all stayed true to their strengths. Blood Suckers is Vinod's idea, Shanti Basera is Neelam's movie, Jungle Girl is Dilip reworking his earlier work, and Sautan Bani Chudail is Kishan's choice.

The Janta thinks that Cinema Marte Dum Tak is the perfect blend of entertainment and nostalgia. If you're a true connoisseur of cinema, the Janta recommends you to watch this series for a better understanding of how the cinema actually works!

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Here's what else they had to say!

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