The coldest place on Earth - Oymyakon has a temperature of minus 62°C

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Most of the people love winter but what will happen if we have to bite the cold like Siberia. The world coldest village in Siberia's, temperature dribbled down to minus 62 degrees Celsius.

Let me tell you about the world's coldest village, Oymyakon in Siberia where the  temperature drops as low as minus 62 degrees Celsius. Siberia is known for its long harsh winters where the average temperature in January is minus 25 degrees Celsius.

For the people of Oymyakon, even their eyelashes are getting frozen when they step outside! It's unbelievable.

Around 500 people live in Oymyakon, a village founded for the purpose of watering the flocks by reindeer herders, way back in the 1920s and 1930s. The thermal springs in this village made things easier for the herders to stop here.

This digital thermometer displays these unreal temperatures for everyone to look at, and this one broke down this year because it was just too cold!

The coldest ever recorded temperature in Oymyakon was minus 67.7 degrees Celsius, way back in 1933, the coldest officially recorded temperature in the Northern Hemisphere.

Only Antarctica beats this strange place when it comes to lower temperatures, but I guess penguins and polar bears do not have Instagram accounts, nor do they have their eyelashes frozen.

Verkhoyansk is the only other inhabited place that has to endure such extreme temperatures below minus 60 degrees Celsius apart from Oymyakon!

It just looks like a regular day for these folks. For Mumbaikars, this would be a miracle or a nightmare. 

Heaven is that you?

He left the car for 5 minutes and look what has happened?

This boy's life > Your life. 

The definition of crazy people. 

Siberia, you are to every Mumbaikar, what Mumbai is to you. THE EXACT OPPOSITE!

P.S. If you think about it, everyone in Oymyakon is a 'barf golawala bhaiya'.

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