College Romance Season 4 review: It's a perfect end to a 'Trippy' college life filled with love, laughter, and a whole lot of reality!

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College Romance Season 4 review

College Romance Season 4 review: Bagga, Naira, Deepika, and Karan are back to tell you that college is ending and adulting is super hard but it's all alright when you have the right people beside you!

College Romance Season 4 review: Kuch log kehte hai ki school-college life are the best years of your life, sahi kehte hai! With no care in the world, you just enjoy gedi marna, tapri ki chai, college ke canteen ki maggie, or college ke bahar ke momos, class ki backchodi, and so much more with those idiots who mean the world to you. And if you are a student in Delhi then either you'll be found in Satya Niketan, Rajinder Da Dhaba, Kamala Nagar Market or Hudson Lane depending on whether you are a North or South campus student! If you are lucky, you end up meeting the person who becomes even extra special for you. Combine all of this and you have College Romance and season 4 being its final season is the perfect goodbye that leaves you with tears in your eyes and a smile on your face.

Like any other TVF show, College Romance also follows the same pattern of starting as a casual fun show that grows into something more meaningful. While talking to Palash Viswani, Gullak's director, I realised that this is something that they very commonly do. They give it a try with the first season and if it works, they go deeper into the concept. Similarly, if the first season made you laugh out loud, the last one will make you feel a lot of emotions altogether without forgetting to make you laugh.

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Since this is the last season, Bagga, Naira, Karan and Deepika are all in their final year. They have the stress of deciding their future which hangs in the balance of whether to go for a job sitting in the placement cell interviews or start something of their own. With this talvar hanging on their head, there is also one last trip to take and of course, a farewell to attend. It's a given that with each step that they will take some sort of drama is to ensue which will get resolved by the end of the episode too as is the pratha of the show. But I love how they have touched upon a theme like growing up and the changes that it brings with so much fun and maturity.

Leaving college is never easy as career choices bring apart not only lovers but friends too! Spats and misunderstandings are common because the hurt of letting go, being left behind, and the anxiety of what is coming is huge but what matters is how we deal with it. Also, the last year of college reminds you of where you stand in this society and it is eye-opening to deal with it. And that is precisely what is shown here; what started with freshers comes to an end with a farewell. In between an MBA entrance, fear of failure, learning to forgive, letting go of that first crush, a reality check, roka-shaddi, break-up-patch-up, friendship, romance, and a return of an old fellow everything comes together.

Apart from the very realistic relationship dynamics of Bagga-Naira and Karan-Dhatarpriya, I love the platonic friendship between this senior and junior group. Because if the seniors went wrong it was the juniors who bring them back on line. This millennial-Gen Z group is so apt and I am going to miss them! What's more amazing is that with a gap in years in making the show, neither the creators nor the actors make you feel like anything has changed. Yet a lot of it has changed for the characters in the show.

Bagga (gem of the show), still the lala of the college jiska sab sahi hai has matured and thinks about the future seriously while he still fights with Naira, the sorted planer who has grown an insecurity and fear of failure but ye to gallian hai mil hi jaate hai and makes everything alright for each other, and for the group as well. Karan, the ustaad has become the stud of the college who realises that he is actually a loser but it is Dhatarpriya, the innocent naive though not so naive that brings him back on track. While I agree with Bagga that Deepika gets mirgi ke daure yet I am glad that those have lessened up as well as her ego, and we get to see this wonderful bold woman. Harry and Raavie foe turned best friends learn the art of letting go of love and accepting friendship in return.

The exceptionally talented cast that includes Gagan Arora, Apoorva Arora, Keshav Sadhna, Shreya Mehta, Nupur Nagpal, Eklavey Kasypap, and Jhanvi Rawat doesn't break out of character. Not once do they make you feel like they're not hailing from a Delhi college. As a Delhi University student myself I can vouch for it! Especially Gagan, Apoorva, Keshav, and Shreya who have perfected their characters to the T that Bagga, Naira, Karan, and Deepika are nothing without them. College Romance is a near-perfect representation of all the good things about a Delhi college scenario, and season 4 is the goodbye that we all deserved!

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